The People of Kakamega



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Kakamega town majorly comprises of the luhya community with the majority being those from the sub tribe of luhya known as the Maragoli. Kakamega town population is rated second after that of Nairobi. Just as any other tribe in Kenya the Kakamega residence are guided and directed by their customs as dictated by their culture. This is observed alongside the constitution of the republic of Kenya. A greater number of the population resides in the urban centers of the town. These individuals venture into various sectors to ensure they make ends meet when it comes to their needs. The large population of people in the town provides the much-needed labor in various sectors of the economy. This means that their tourist sites are well staffed by the local residence to provide services to the visitors.

With the community that does well when it comes to handling visitors, Kakamega town has the opportunity to attract more investors and tourists. They too offer tourist attraction through their customary activities such as the bull fighting and circumcision practice among others. A section of their population are not from the region but they find the place friendly and safe to be in. this large population that cuts a cross various tribes makes the town more suitable for trade and exchange of ideas that enable the people to co-exist despite no blood bond between them.

The residents are always seen as hard workers as evident in their industrious nature in the farming of sugar cane. Putting food on the table is not a big issue for any luhya father or mother because of this quality. Many of the people from the luhya community are well-known for their good work more so when offering their services to the best of their ability so long as there is payment. Besides this, the community is also characterized by their soft-spoken nature which is a good gesture when dealing with others that we interact with.

In conclusion, the people of Kakamega town are in charge of their success, meaning that any progress that is to be made in any sector of the economy must come from them and be done by them. Their initiative towards achieving any goal must be an inclusive one. The leadership helps a lot in bringing the people of this town together for better posterity.