Eco-Oasis Camp— Nakuru: The Nature Travellers Dream part 2

Oasis picnic grounds(lakeview)

Article and photos by guest writer: Amailuk Joseph

Catering facilities

Holidays are an excuse to break away from all the routine that has settled for our normal. Well, at least that is what some may argue. In that case, you may wish to try out the Oasis cosine. Meals are on order. It is a life away from the hullabaloo of modern lives. Inform them early and you can agree on what you desire.

However, they have a self-catering service. This is a fun-tastic setup, if you ask me. Knowing how long you will be there, purchase all you need upfront. They have gas. You do not have to pay separately for it, bless the Oasis setting. It might be a good idea to carry your own cutlery, assuming you are a sizable group. Otherwise, they have a few handy pans you can use. Disposable where possible would be supper. Just remember not to litter the place. Leave it as clean, better still, even cleaner than you found it.

This why you can have the fun of pouring your heart into your meals. You control what you wish to eat. You are not time bound as in keeping with others eating hours. You are practically a free bird. Is that not the reason you came or want to go to the Oasis in the first place? If you haven’t thought of it, you may want to give it a try. Remember it is rated family…


You could easily pull off hanging out in your cottage/tent the whole day and still feel no loss. Challenge is I am an advocate of “if you have it, then make use of it. Do it! If you find you don’t like it, then so be it. It shall not remain unfulfilled dream. At least this way you are sure you know what you are coming back for.

Now that brings us to the picnic grounds. Another of the wondrous delights that Oasis hosts. It is a wide spacious area that boarders a lake. Sorry, you cannot swim here. Not that kind of waters. The picnic place has some table you could make good off. You may choose to sit on the ground and make the most of change from normal. If you have enough firewood, you are welcome to setting up a bonfire; yeah … Do you still need further poking? Nah, I don’t think so.

There is such grand space the kids would love the place. You can play all sorts of ball games or any other that may call for some space. If that ain’t enough, well, back at the main grounds there is still some extra space. Like I told you, the Oasis, was built a gateway. You are free from the pollution.

Some of us still can’t truly be free of civilizations. Always want to keep a link with the outside world. Hmm. They did think about you. In the dining hall, cum common room, is a television. You can get all the news you need. Its furnishings are all timber furnishings, in line with keeping with nature.

Nature lovers

Talking of nature lovers, at the Oasis (of life), you get to live in the wild. You have the benefits of the wild free from its creatures. Who says it is only the game parks the wild is experienced. The only wild animals you shall come across (if you are lucky) are the Velvet monkeys! Frankly, these creatures keep their distance. They prefer to watch the creeps from planet Zee from the safety of their tree hangings.

There is a hot water spring in the neighbourhood. Should you wish to go view it, remember to hire a guide? A hike to the springs is more like the deal. It is a challenge to find if you are unfamiliar with the territory. Chances are high you may come back disappointed. At least you have been warned. And like I said, see all there is to see. Experience all you can while you are there.

The entire place was set up on an eco-tourist model. Tourism integrated with nature to avoid destabilizing the place with modernity. There are well laid walkways. These were so well developed to allow for orderly people traffic. It is so in tandem with nature you would in a short while imagine them as natural setting of the environments.

You can take a walk in the woods. If you like you may enjoy a jog. If you plan to, don’t forget your running shoes. It is a place where you go to have your privacy and leave with it intact. The staffs are very helpful. All you need to do is ask. If they can help they definitely will. There are a couple of swings, and a slide, to spice up your stay.

Oasis Activities

  • Bike rides are fun. You could talk to management about hiring bikes, or carry your own bicycles.
  • Bonfires
  • Bird watching
  • Hiking (to hot water springs or elsewhere)
  • Nyama choma (roast meat) venture to the main road
  • Camping
  • Try the self-catering

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Amailuk Joseph (aka AJ), is a Life-Coach and freelance writer and happens to be an avid fun loving tourist and travel writer. Never weary of an excuse to travel and go see the world. Seeing is believing, and sharing is the half the fun.You’re presently invited to share in the fun.

Eco Oasis Pictures by Amailuk J and are courtesyof Laetitia, Irene, and Simon-Templar.

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