Diani the Paradise


Sure, every one in the world thinks Diani is a paradise, and it is. Palms trees swaying beautifully, beaches which with black and white sand and warm coastal breezes day and night.Diani is a paradise with its special beaches which are hard to get anywhere else. For instance Diani beach is a well secluded, lush, emerald and quiet beach found in Diani, You can stretch out on the pure golden-white sand while listening to the rhythmic pounding of waves lapping against the shore.


The continuous waves which constantly lap at the shore give you a perfect sound to lull your feelings into a deep comfortable sleep. When you awake, you feel fully refreshed and alive, for the first time in months. The atmosphere in Diani has the tang of salty freshness which comes from the ocean only and the birds above warble and chirp in the dense foliage which covers this magical and awesome area. When people plan to attend Diani, they usually think of its beautiful beaches, the smell of wonderful flower which they have never experienced and great exotic food. That is what actually they get.Diani has so many exotic things to see. In Diani there are many things which will bring happiness to mind such as extravagant smells, the beautiful sights and most of all the spectacular taste in the exquisite sea food they have. The nice aromatic fragrances you smell in Diani will provably be the most diverse and wonderful experience you can ever have.


When it comes to tourism, Diani has something for everyone. The beaches and the historical sites are great for people who wish to experience the beauty of nature. They form the world’s best tourist destinations. During winter, large waves on Diani’s southern shore turn the normally sleepy area into the surfing center of the world. On the other hand, people who wish to experience Diani at a slower pace would do well to visit wildlife parks located in the area. These are all opportunities to relax and enjoy the sun and scenery. Most of the natural wonders of the area located strategically and are easily accessible mostly by road transport although there is small aiport within the area. Numerous waterfalls and vast rainforests bring up memories of what the area might have looked like before modern infrastructure changed the face of Diani.


Depending on where you are located in Diani,they weather varies over even short distances. On a particular day, you might find it is sunny over the beaches and rainy only a few kilometers away. The dense moist tropical air carried by the trade winds in Diani usually results into dark clouds and heavy rain. Although basically there are no true seasons in the area because of its adjacent location to the ocean, the climate does go through cycles annually based on rainfall. There is also a higher probability of rain if you visit during the tourist peak season in the late December or January.Overall, Diani is warm and balmy and when you step on this area you’ll immediately notice that the atmosphere is humid and soft. Trade winds during months of summer provide tourists with a pleasant breeze.


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