Malindi is a strategically located town along the coastal region of Kenya. It one of the best places in Kenya any person will want to visit because of its unique environment and beauty of nature. It is a town endowed with coastal line which hosts several world class beaches, a bevy of charming water sports and impressive restaurants which serve lip smacking sea food.

One of the popular beaches is malindi beach .It is strategically located along coastal line of malindi and is an interesting holiday destination for many foreign tourists .Its rich coral reef and various sea animals species offer visitors an exciting preview of aquatic life which exists deep down the warm waters of Indian ocean. It is ideal for castaway, peaceful holiday and active packaged centers that play host to a number of water sports activities. It is blessed with regular winds that pass through and guest scan enjoy the cool breeze that flows from the Indian Ocean all the time. The beach is simply magnificent being surrounded by lush tropical gardens, guaranteeing you a perfect relaxation all the time. The coastal reefs found along the beach provide protection and make swimming in the beach enjoyable. Malindi beach is suitable for such pursuits and is a place to go to explore these beautiful coral reefs.

Rosanda is another beach found in malindi with breathtaking view of the ocean. It is a gorgeous white beach covered by small soft sand .It is probably the most interesting beach, surrounded by pine forest and is a meeting place for relaxations and holiday. Just dream of relaxing on a soft and fine bed between the sun and the shade of palm trees! It gives you a refreshing breeze which drives away all worries and troubles of life. The beach is gradually becoming popular with foreign tourists because of its friendly environment which attracts those who are loaded with burdens of our modern existence. It is one of the places with an exclusive holiday destination due to its gorgeous sights like pearly white sand which blend perfectly with crystal blue Indian Ocean waters. The coastal winds which blow across the area are a significant feature of this beach and it makes windsurfing activities possible.

There are other smaller beaches located in malindi like coral key beach which offers guests a magical atmosphere and privacy for relaxing. It has everything in a balanced combination which satisfy the needs of every visitor whether adult or a child. Visitors can enjoy a range of activities like deep sea fishing trips, water surfing or sea diving. The serenity of the beach is also very exciting and gives you a view of Mother Nature at its finest. You can just sit on the warm sand and watch as the roaring waves crash against the show producing humming tunes which will drown your senses into a deep comfortable sleep. It is a beach that is completely designed and developed to satisfy the pleasures of life.

All these beaches make malindi an active center for leisure guests and provide value to the locals a swell as promoting and enhancing the potential economic growth of malindi

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