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Activities in Diani, Kenya

Diani is a place strategically located along the south coast of Mombasa county.Diani is usually one of the most interesting places a person will ever want to visit because of its serenity and beauty of nature. It is adorned with some of the most famous beaches and hotels in the world. For example, Diani beach is one of the most prestigious beaches around the world is located in Diani.

It is one of the areas that offer the most exclusive holiday destinations in Kenya due to its exciting sights such as the pearly-white sands which blend into turquoise warm waters of the Indian Ocean. This makes it be a perfect backdrop of tranquility for an African holiday which one can live to remember. One of the wonders of Diani is the large tidal movement on Diani beach which creates a long strip of white sand at low tide.Another excellent sight of Diani is the coastal winds which provide favorable conditions for windsurfing.Diani is a place full of all activities and people want to have fun will be spoilt for choice. The coral reef and huge marine life will usually stun you, and they are able to serve as world class dive sites for those who want to explore the beauty of nature.

Also, world class restaurants are located in Diani for instance Almanara.This restaurant offers top class selection of fresh seafood daily to local and international cuisine who wants to enjoy some fine dining while looking out to Indian Ocean. Almanara is located along Diani beach, and guests can benefit from a cool breeze almost all seasons around the year. There are also classic shopping centers in Diani like Chandarana and Nakumatt, which provide a one stop style shopping for all necessities including grocery. There are also a number of stalls and markets which provide an opportunity for tourists to buy souvenirs. Also, numerous banks exist in Diani including Barclays.

In Diani,  most of the expensive and near deserted beaches await discovery, and for  people who want to have more active ways of spending their day,  Diani Golf champion course exists within the area and is there to grant them there hope. There is also an elephant sanctuary which adds to Diani coastal experience. There is no other way we can describe Diani apart from saying it’s a major centre for packaged tourism. It’s a busy and heavily developed area with thousands of properties ranging from huge mass markets to private villas, modern infrastructure, restaurants and shopping malls.

Significant historic sites and areas of cultural importance can also be traced in Diani.Research has shown that cultures of Swahili, Arabs and Mijikenda have their roots in Diani.For really history buffs, a trip to Diani offers a wonderful immersion in the area’s ancient past as well as the magnificent view of historical sites such as grand coral houses abandoned long ago and the enchanting ruins of Gedi which is a Small Swahili town which existed in the 15th century.

If you are planning your travel for a leisure holiday, then Diani is the place. It will give you a truly unforgettable experience

Diani, Kenya

There are an infinite number of places in Kenya which offer travelers a spectacular experience .But savvy travelers have revealed that Diani is their favorite place.Diani has exclusive beaches, best which have won out in almost every category, best sandy spots and easily accessible amenities which parents need when the little ones are tow. Every traveler knows that places which are family friendly tend to deliver more than just a picturesque scene.


Diani also has all-inclusive hotels like Neptune paradise and Diani reef and resort and endless friendly activities like sea kayaking. These are some of the reasons that make travelers make Diani their favorite destination place. Those travelers in search of an off-the-grid stretch of sand will want to visit those beaches deemed best for seclusion, starting with Diani beach. Its wild, long shoreline is easily accessible. It so alluring because, a visit there is ephemeral;with a large number of flip-flop wearing travelers flocking the beach to catch a sight of this wonder of nature. Diani is an area full of wonder and mystery.


It is also an area full of entertainment. For instance, boat riding will mostly offer you an unforgettable experience especially with your kids. This definitely will be so interesting that you will love to come back. Another spectacular aspect of Diani is tourism which makes more than 50%of its income. The awesome beaches and excellent weather are irresistible attraction to tourists. The efficient and modern infrastructure have been developed in Diani has made it possible for this area to accommodate the large number of tourists.Diani is also rich in cultural history like Swahili and Arabs have their origins in this area. These outstanding factors coupled with a sense of ambition and adventure has prompted tourists from all over the world to make Diani an excellent holiday vacation. The smell of fresh air which greets you immediately you step in this area and the sight of large number of tourists visiting the area will always make you so excited to step on the soft, white sandy beaches of Diani,you will definitely enjoy spending the day splashing in the salty water of the beaches until you are too tired to keep your head above the water.Diani is just outrageously amazing for the awesome water activities, beautiful beaches and exotic vegetation.


The Indian waters around Diani are warm, clear and turquoise blue in color. The waves there offer a perfect environment for surfing and unbelievable snorkeling and one can experience steady and continued waves within the coral reefs. The coral is bright pink, purple red and brown. Step off the beaches and one comes in contact with flower perfumed exotic vegetation. Its like being in one gigantic garden, The tropical flowers like orchids are also a very common picture in the area .What really is the most inviting aspect of Diani is the beautiful coastal scenery with tropical forests, waterfalls and palm covered beaches.


Diani is an amazing place. One cannot find many reasons for not going to Diani and experiencing fantastic time of breathing air that is scented with exotic vegetation and being surrounded by unbelievable scenery.