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The people of Meru


photo courtesy of www.rotarymeru.com

Mount Kenya is one of the ideal places one should visit. In the next few posts I will take you through some of the communities and places to visit. I will start with the Meru community. Meru County is found in Mount Kenya region. It is one of the fertile areas in that region. When I say this I just don’t mean the land but also the culture and traditions.

Meru as a tribe is divided into 9 sub-tribes. These include the Imenti, Tigania, Tharaka, Igembe, Chuka, Igoji, Mwimbi, Muitini and Muthambi. Meru covers the North and North Eastern part of Mount Kenya. The Meru people are mainly farmers. In the past they used to farm most of the cash crops found in Kenya but as the days are passing some of the crops are no longer available. Some of these crops include tea, coffee, Miraa, Macadamia etc. However, most people associate the Merus with the Miraa. This crop is the main income source for most farmers especially those from the Northern section of Meru. Meru is also known as the home of bananas though the people used to farm it as food now it has become like a cash crop in some places. Mangoes and Strawberries are also available. For someone who is interested in Agriculture tourism this is the community to visit.

Meru community have their traditional leaders known as the Njuri Ncheke. Upto date the Njuri Ncheke is recognized by the state and they play a great part in influencing the political decisions in the area.