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Eco-Oasis Camp— Nakuru: The Nature Travelers Dream part 1

Oasis cottege

Article and photos provided by a guest blogger: Amailuk Joseph

The Oasis

There is a modest parking space. Good enough to host 10 plus cars. If well parked you could easily pull off more cars in the same space. Probably twice as many if you wish. The security of the place is comforting. There is hardly any life within quite a radius. It is just you and nature. And this is assuming you come with a car that shall be there with you all through the visit. Truth is, you are unlikely to need the car, other than you plan to travel back the same day. That would be such a waste of such a special visit. Get dropped, and ask them to pick you the day you travel back

The ideal place for a serene, quiet and peaceful natural environment, conducive for friends, church and family retreats, birding enthusiasts, bush and nature lovers, ecologists, bikers and hikers. It’s also suited for small corporate departmental strategy and team building sessions.



Staff, is there to welcome you on arrival, in a truly African fashion. Please note that it is wise to book first before you actually do travel there. Chances are you may find the place booked up. Ouch, that would not be a cool experience. Worse, still if you have kids in tow. Yeah, I am serious. All family members are welcome.

Depending on what you have booked, a cottage, or a tent, you shall be shown to your quarters. If you feel you would wish to have the full camping experience then the tents definitely are the better option. However, the cottages are must experience in this case. They are built of stone. Which I thought was a disappointment. I had hoped for mud and wattle. Seriously.Nevertheless, I honestly was in for the surprise of my life. The architects of the place knew what they were doing. It is Ecological-Tourism for reals.

The cottages are self-contained. A kitchenette, lounge, showers and wash rooms all inside, and if you so choose, you can stay indoors for the duration and miss nothing from the outside world. (It would be such a loss if you did). They are powered by solar during the day and battery at night. Therefore, if you carry a phone you can get to charge it.


Curtains close out nature if you wish to be totally alone.

Really, what’s to miss in such an arrangement?

You can hire the entire


Stone allows for longevity of the structures. That is compensated for with the furnishings of the place. Everything from the coffee table, to beds, is made of unfurnished wood. They did as much as possible to keep the environment in tandem with nature. Doors and window frames, roof beams, are all wood and poles in places where ideal. The kind of thing you need to see to experience. It carries you back to nature after the noisy experiences of town and accompanying solution, this place is a haven.

Carrying some warm clothing is very advisable. It can get pretty cold at night and early morning hours. Depending on the season, that finds you there. Beauty is they have a fire-place! No point in freezing when in the midst of such splendor now, is there? You could carry your own wood taxing, but a worthy fun experience to try out. The cottages are virtually in the middle of the woods. You might want to do that early. Even then, Oasis, does offer firewood, at a price, if you are not in the mood.


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