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Kisumu is a city located in western part of Kenya. It is the third largest city in Kenya and hosts various attraction sites which draw visitors from all parts of the world. Some of these sights include;

The Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

This is a tourist attraction site located a few kilometers from Kisumu’s busy town centre. It provides an ideal refuge for threatened wild animals within the city and its environs with a special attention been given to impalas. This is where it derives its name. It features a vast area of nature trails and several picnic sites which offer excellent venues for functions such as corporate events and weddings. There is also an animal orphanage within the sanctuary which holds various types of wild animals such as leopards, baboons, jackals and buffaloes. It is also a home to many bird species which attracts birdwatchers from various parts of the country.

Kisumu Museum

Another interesting sight in Kisumu is Kisumu museum which was officially opened in 1985.Its proximity to Lake Victoria which is the second largest fresh water lake in the world, has made it a research center for maintenance and sustainability of biodiversity of Lake Victoria. It has comprehensive history exhibits of material culture of the western rift valley, traditional adornments, fishing gears and hunting weaponry. It has also various dioramas on display such as lion and monkey.

Tom Mboya Mausoleum

Tom Mboya’s mausoleum is also a point of interest in Kisumu.It is an historical site built in honor of Tom Mboya who was a black flywhisk political hero. It preserves gifts he received when he was still alive. Some of these items include a black nameplate souvenir he received from Chinese government, several flags of the countries he visited, condolence book signed when he was being buried and the holy bible with holy water on it which Mboya received as honeymoon gift in Israel. This manicured mausoleum is a major tourist attraction point and attracts researchers from different parts of the world who travel to this area to dig information on various aspects especially on pre-independence period.

Kisumu International Airport

Kisumu international airport also called the pride of Kisumu is one of the busiest airports in Kenya and serves as a direct link to the rest of the world. With chartered flights coming in from as far as Middle East, it has opened up the region for international tourism as well as boosting the general economic development through increased local trade. The airport is highly developed with world classic travel facilities such as enhanced immigration and security features, modern control tower, ample parking space, VIP lounge and restaurants. It has also made the exportation of fish and flowers which is a major source of income to the locals, quite easy and efficient thus eliminating the huge losses they used to suffer previously as a result of road transport which is very slow.

Luanda Magere Site

Luanda Magere is another interesting site found in Kisumu.It is believed to be a spot where Luanda Magere died. Magere was a great warrior in Luo community and people far and wide come to this site to consult his spirit in time of war and calamity. At the center of the site stands a brownish rock partly sank into ground and shaped like a human being which is believed to be Magere’s   body curved. The site is characterized by traditional artifacts such as war weapons which are placed under an indigenous tree and are believed to belong to Magere. Visitors travel to this site from all parts of the world to get a glimpse of this mythical legend.


Tourism is an important industry in Kisumu and it plays a major role in shedding unemployment in this city. It is a sector which is currently nourishing due to steps taken by the government to improve it in terms of modern infrastructure and creation of standard   amenities as a result of the economic benefits derived from it.