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Kisumu has undoubtly the most amazing places to visit as compared to other parts of Kenya. A tour to Kisumu will be totally incomplete without visiting these places. They include;

The Shopping Malls

Kisumu has several modern shopping malls where you can get almost everything you need. These malls are strategically located and are under 24 hour surveillance which boosts security. They also have ample parking space and various security check points. They include United Mall which is located along Jomo Kenyatta Highway, Nakumatt Mega City also known locally as city in a city because of its magnificent design. It is based near Kachok center on Nairobi road and is the best shopping centre in Kisumu, Swan centre is another shopping mall which is located along Oginga Odinga Street on your way towards Lake Victoria and lastly there is Mega Plaza located in the city centre along Oginga Odinga Street. These shopping centre’s have modern facilities and offer variety of items ranging from foodstuffs to electronics..

The Markets

There are several markets in Kisumu which deal with a variety of goods and services .More and more markets are springing up in this area and this is mainly because of modern infrastructure which has transformed the once old and sleepy town to a modern cosmopolitan city. These are unique places where you can find a variety of fresh and unprocessed goods at considerable prices. These markets include are Oile, Jubilee and Kibuye, Oile and Jubilee are local markets and mainly deal with consumer goods. Kibuye is the biggest market and is a major trade centre in East Africa region. It is usually alive on Sunday and you can get almost anything you think of once you are there.

The Beaches

Kisumu is also endowed with charming, sandy beaches located along the pristine coast of lake Victoria. These are action packed centers which play host to numerous water sports activities as well as rich aquatic ecology. Lwangni beach is located along the lake and is the place to go if you have a dream of relaxing on a comfortable bed under the shade of palm trees with a cool refreshing breeze from the lake stimulating your feelings. It offers also traditional dishes such as a big fried/stewed tilapia together with a plateful of hot ugali. There is also Dunga beach situated in the village of Dunga a few kilometers from Kisumu town centre. It has a bevy of water sports activities mainly boat riding where visitors can rent boats for a trip to explore the regions majestic lake waters.

Jomo Kenyatta Grounds

Kisumu also boasts of a large and beautiful park located in the heart of the town. It has public recreational facilities and a number of local restaurants .It is a popular centre for concerts and sports events which are organized all time round because of its ability to host a large number of people.

These are a must see places in Kisumu. If you are wondering where to have your holiday next time, Kisumu is the most exclusive place you can’t afford to miss.


Mombasa town enjoys a favorable climate all the time. It has a warm tropical climate which is typical along the coastal region of East Africa. The climate is moderate as compared to other countries within the tropical belt which experience a milder climate. This kind of climate has been a very crucial element in the growth of Mombasa tourism sector. Although the climate of Mombasa is very conducive, Mombasa is prone to climate related disasters like floods due to its proximity to the Indian Ocean.

As soon as you enter Mombasa, you are greeted by pleasant hot and humid atmosphere which characterize Mombasa weather. The weather is very consistent and does not vary much over the year. Like any other city located in the equatorial region, Mombasa experiences four seasons .i.e. winter, summer, autumn and spring. The hottest months are December and April with temperatures going as high as 31°C in a given day. The coolest months are August and July with temperatures of 27°C.This shows a small variance in temperatures which means the weather is stable and hence reliable.

The climate of Mombasa is mainly influenced by monsoon winds which blow across the Indian Ocean. This wind brings about the four seasons. There are two types of monsoon winds mainly the kaskazi wind and kusi wind. The kaskazi is north-easterly and is experienced from the month of October to march .It gives rise to the summer season which is records the highest temperatures. The kusi wind is a cold wind which brings about light and occasional rains starting from May until June. Monsoon winds also bring about a cool breeze that flows from the Indian Ocean all the time giving tourists a wonderful experience.

Mombasa experiences moderate temperature throughout the year. The hottest months are December to April with temperatures going as high as 31°C in a given day. July and August are the coolest months with temperature of 27°C .Generally; the weather is a bit hot regardless of the area you are in as compared to other parts of the country. The good news about Mombasa is that the temperatures don’t vary significantly and are fairly stable all the time.
The rainiest period in Mombasa is between April and May with heavy down pours being experienced in the afternoon. The rainfall is minimal during the month of January to February after which the normal sunny season resumes. The rain season does not mean necessary heavy rainfall and in some cases it may be just light showers. The rainfall is caused by monsoon winds which blow across the Indian Ocean.

Mombasa climate is very splendid and pretty. It supplements Mombasa tourism sector well and is a major tourism attraction element on its own. Visitors can enjoy the warm sunny weather of the coastal region on sandy beaches as the regular winds which cut across the region bring about a cool breeze which is very exciting. No matter where you choose to go for a holiday trip, climate is a key factor to consider; and Mombasa having such a spectacular climate, should top your favorites list.

Malindi Water sport games

Malindi is a popular super water sporting destination and nestles tranquil beaches that are ideal for a variety of water sporting activities. It has private training centers which offer intensive instructional sessions on various water sporting activities. These sporting activities are ideal for those tourists whose quest is for leisure and want to spend their time in quite a unique environment that is different from their normal place of residence. At malindi you have plenty of chances to experience some thrilling water activities such as boat riding water skiing, wind surfing, scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling and deep water fishing. The major water sporting activities in malindi are water skiing, snorkeling, diving and deep water fishing.

Boat riding is a dominant water sporting activity found in malindi beach. For those travelers wishing to hitch a ride on a glass bottomed boat or dhow, malindi beach is a prime destination to consider and particularly with boat riding sports, it gets a nod for sure. It has adequate number of boats and dhows along its entire show and arranging trips for the visitors to enjoy boat riding is not a big deal. Boat riding is full of fan and is particularly popular with youngsters who want to engage in racing competitions. This sport is not quite complex but it needs good balancing techniques to prevent the boat from capsizing.

Water skiing is another water sporting activity which is common in several beaches. This is a surface water sport which involves an individual being pulled behind a boat. It is divided into various categories such as speed skiing, bare foot skiing, show skiing. The sport is quite interesting once you grasp the required skills. It also requires a large water service area and is a sport which can be practiced anywhere whether in a river, lake or an ocean provided that the water is generally calm. Water skiing is currently a popular water sport but a person needs patience and endurance especially during the training session.

Kayaking is recreational activity which involves cutting through the water using high speed boats while at the same time fighting the strong waves which are a threat to your boat .It is a water sport activity which is usually tricky and very dangerous and needs, self confidence, strength and enough intelligence to know how to balance your boat in the midst of ranging currents. Kayakers are significant risk takers and can do the most daring things ever.

Scuba diving is a form of underwater diving where the diver uses a well designed under water breathing system which is filled with breathing gas. This is a modern diving method unlike the traditional methods which rely on breath –holding diving procedures. The diver can stay longer in the water because of well supplied breathing gas and can hence explore a wide area of the deep waters. It is a sport which needs adequate skills and is particularly favorite with more experienced sea divers.
These water sporting activities are not only meant for leisure and rest but also to enable visitors realize their self esteem by acquiring new experiences as they encompass different cultures, arts and umpteen water sports activities.


Currently Malindi has made headlines for its fastest growing tourist destination for both local and international travel markets. This majorly has been contributed by the development of modern hotels and restaurants in the area which offer comfortable accommodation at affordable rates.

The hotels are using the approach of making customers their first priority and offering best services to all visitors .This has resulted to very positive reviews from the customers. The hotels are leading by example by performing their values and modeling a culture of excellence in the coastal region. The hotels offer best and efficient services and are always welcoming and friendly despite the large number of tourists who visit the area especially during holiday seasons. These are all inclusive hotels which make travelers make malindi their favorite destination place. Those visitors who are in search of leisure and a comfortable environment to make their dream come true will always want to visit such hotels. They are easily accessible due to development of modern transport systems in the area and are full of entertainment.

For instance Villa Mela Hotel is one of the leading hotels in Malindi .It has modern facilities, a lush garden with a pool and a conducive outdoor environment for those guest who prefer outdoor facilities and services. The modern transport infrastructure makes it easily accessible with a local airport just a few kilometers away. Furthermore, it can organize for shuttle services for its customers on request.

Kola beach hotel and restaurant is another popular hotel in Malindi which boasts of a private sand beach along the Indian Ocean. It offers a top class selection of fresh seafood daily .Whether you choose to dine either in your villa or at sails; the beach offers you an interesting view of the Indian Ocean. It is an exclusive hotel which is a truly memorable African destination.

Tropical village hotel is a modern and family friendly hotel located in Malindi.It is a hotel which is well known for its secret and peaceful location which is mostly free from crowds because of it is exceedingly hard to get to. It is surrounded by an aura of natural beauty with well preserved warm; snow white sand .You can take bare footed stroll on the long stretch of soft sand which directly faces the crystal blue Indian Ocean water.

The smell of fresh air which welcomes you to the hotel and the sight of large number of tourists visiting the hotel give you a deep sense of comfort which can only be experienced in this hotel. A day spent in the hotel splashing in the crystal salty white water of the beach is worth remembering with all these fantastic activities happening there. The hotel is just amazing for the awesome water activities, friendly environment, flower perfumed exotic vegetation and a beautiful beach.

These hotels are worth looking into for those who are always on the lookout for that next holiday destination in Malindi. They offer some of the best accommodation and are simply alluring and exciting


Malindi is a strategically located town along the coastal region of Kenya. It one of the best places in Kenya any person will want to visit because of its unique environment and beauty of nature. It is a town endowed with coastal line which hosts several world class beaches, a bevy of charming water sports and impressive restaurants which serve lip smacking sea food.

One of the popular beaches is malindi beach .It is strategically located along coastal line of malindi and is an interesting holiday destination for many foreign tourists .Its rich coral reef and various sea animals species offer visitors an exciting preview of aquatic life which exists deep down the warm waters of Indian ocean. It is ideal for castaway, peaceful holiday and active packaged centers that play host to a number of water sports activities. It is blessed with regular winds that pass through and guest scan enjoy the cool breeze that flows from the Indian Ocean all the time. The beach is simply magnificent being surrounded by lush tropical gardens, guaranteeing you a perfect relaxation all the time. The coastal reefs found along the beach provide protection and make swimming in the beach enjoyable. Malindi beach is suitable for such pursuits and is a place to go to explore these beautiful coral reefs.

Rosanda is another beach found in malindi with breathtaking view of the ocean. It is a gorgeous white beach covered by small soft sand .It is probably the most interesting beach, surrounded by pine forest and is a meeting place for relaxations and holiday. Just dream of relaxing on a soft and fine bed between the sun and the shade of palm trees! It gives you a refreshing breeze which drives away all worries and troubles of life. The beach is gradually becoming popular with foreign tourists because of its friendly environment which attracts those who are loaded with burdens of our modern existence. It is one of the places with an exclusive holiday destination due to its gorgeous sights like pearly white sand which blend perfectly with crystal blue Indian Ocean waters. The coastal winds which blow across the area are a significant feature of this beach and it makes windsurfing activities possible.

There are other smaller beaches located in malindi like coral key beach which offers guests a magical atmosphere and privacy for relaxing. It has everything in a balanced combination which satisfy the needs of every visitor whether adult or a child. Visitors can enjoy a range of activities like deep sea fishing trips, water surfing or sea diving. The serenity of the beach is also very exciting and gives you a view of Mother Nature at its finest. You can just sit on the warm sand and watch as the roaring waves crash against the show producing humming tunes which will drown your senses into a deep comfortable sleep. It is a beach that is completely designed and developed to satisfy the pleasures of life.

All these beaches make malindi an active center for leisure guests and provide value to the locals a swell as promoting and enhancing the potential economic growth of malindi

Diani, Kenya

There are an infinite number of places in Kenya which offer travelers a spectacular experience .But savvy travelers have revealed that Diani is their favorite place.Diani has exclusive beaches, best which have won out in almost every category, best sandy spots and easily accessible amenities which parents need when the little ones are tow. Every traveler knows that places which are family friendly tend to deliver more than just a picturesque scene.


Diani also has all-inclusive hotels like Neptune paradise and Diani reef and resort and endless friendly activities like sea kayaking. These are some of the reasons that make travelers make Diani their favorite destination place. Those travelers in search of an off-the-grid stretch of sand will want to visit those beaches deemed best for seclusion, starting with Diani beach. Its wild, long shoreline is easily accessible. It so alluring because, a visit there is ephemeral;with a large number of flip-flop wearing travelers flocking the beach to catch a sight of this wonder of nature. Diani is an area full of wonder and mystery.


It is also an area full of entertainment. For instance, boat riding will mostly offer you an unforgettable experience especially with your kids. This definitely will be so interesting that you will love to come back. Another spectacular aspect of Diani is tourism which makes more than 50%of its income. The awesome beaches and excellent weather are irresistible attraction to tourists. The efficient and modern infrastructure have been developed in Diani has made it possible for this area to accommodate the large number of tourists.Diani is also rich in cultural history like Swahili and Arabs have their origins in this area. These outstanding factors coupled with a sense of ambition and adventure has prompted tourists from all over the world to make Diani an excellent holiday vacation. The smell of fresh air which greets you immediately you step in this area and the sight of large number of tourists visiting the area will always make you so excited to step on the soft, white sandy beaches of Diani,you will definitely enjoy spending the day splashing in the salty water of the beaches until you are too tired to keep your head above the water.Diani is just outrageously amazing for the awesome water activities, beautiful beaches and exotic vegetation.


The Indian waters around Diani are warm, clear and turquoise blue in color. The waves there offer a perfect environment for surfing and unbelievable snorkeling and one can experience steady and continued waves within the coral reefs. The coral is bright pink, purple red and brown. Step off the beaches and one comes in contact with flower perfumed exotic vegetation. Its like being in one gigantic garden, The tropical flowers like orchids are also a very common picture in the area .What really is the most inviting aspect of Diani is the beautiful coastal scenery with tropical forests, waterfalls and palm covered beaches.


Diani is an amazing place. One cannot find many reasons for not going to Diani and experiencing fantastic time of breathing air that is scented with exotic vegetation and being surrounded by unbelievable scenery.